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Released in 2020, Sublime was the closing record on a series of 3 albums which later became known as the 'Folk Boy Trilogy'.


This 3 part anthology retrospectively bore a striking resemblence to the classic 'heroes journey' with the seismic fracture (Good Bye Folk Boy) leading to a period of intense learning (Eucharist) followed by an emergence into the light.


If we're following that metaphor then Sublime, recorded live in a series of delicate finger-picked vignettes, is the closing statement on that journey.


Vividly optimistic and dizzyingly full of light, Sublime, is an at once poetically sung and lyrically unguarded proclamation of change and so to an invitation; to believe in the best of humanity and to, if brave enough, sublime.

Luke De-Sciscio - Sublime (Pure White Vinyl)

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