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Leo Baby

Genre-spanning multi-instrumentalist Leo Baby occupies a musical World eternally steeped in the headiness of Summer. 

Recognising music, not merely as sonic interference but the spiritual currency of love and dreams, it is no wonder that Leo Baby is already becoming a familiar face at festivals across the UK.

Through his unique fusion of Alt-folk and Indie-soul, tinged with irreverant glimpses into Gypsy-jazz and Latin-inspired-beats, Leo Baby conjures a soundscape both nostalgic and forward facing. At once humbly intimate and Universally far stretching.

Having described his music as a connection to the 'childlike wonder' of his Soul, Baby satiated his appetite for collaboration with a series of playful and irreverant collabs with Lo-fi Beats whizz-kid Whilst and Jazz-pop starlet Kat Abel.

Over Half-A-Million streams on Spotify and personal requests to support some of the UK's most cherished artists bely the fact that Leo is on the very first steps of his career and yet, that path already seems drenched in Sunlight, illuminating a rich tapestry of Festival-ready Alt-folk anthems that defy penning in and are destined by the highest stages.

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