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Delicate but daring. Fragile but fearless.

Cooza occupies a rare niche reserved for only the most natural of talents; simultaneously does he offer the most personal, ego-free depiction of his heart whilst also setting senses ablaze with an imagination capable of drawing the miraculous from the minutia.

It wouldn't be possible to mention his songwriting without respect to his identity. For, like many of the greats, his art is not merely a product of his labour but an extension of himself. A direct line to the innermost offerings of his sweet and tangible inner-world.

Folk Boy Records has the unremitting honour of walking alongside Cooza in the release of his most seminal album, Getting Better At Knowing You.

GBAKY is a once in a lifetime offering. Spun from the inordinate heartache of a tragedy that cannot be overstated. This album, which could have so easily veered into despair, never (for even a second) does anything but revel in the celebration of she to whom it is ode.

And in the most aching pangs of brevity, from that crushing revelation, does Cooza hew a series of songs that demand you take gratitude for the present.

Be it the playful search for sounds behind a conjoining-wall that never come. Or the determined effort to sift every memory for the weight of lightness from which she was torn.

Cooza has, with Getting Better At Knowing You, created a timeless, poignant and serene anthem for his sister. So balanced and so beautifully spun that wherever she is, she is marvelling at herself, in awe of the beauty her life wrought from her Brother's hands.

Cooza will release Getting Better At Knowing You via Folk Boy Records on June 21st 2024

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