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Luke De-Sciscio

UK folk-singer Luke De-Sciscio found his song-writing voice the old fashioned way; by writing, and mostly not releasing, dozens upon dozens of original songs, a journey that began on a boat with no electricity or heat.

Since those early days Luke De-Sciscio has gone onto record a catalogue of work which is unified, always, by one unremitting characteristic: the ceaseless and at times devastating search for truth.

His is a spirit that favours expression over perfection, fearlessness over convention and authenticity over marketing. And that candid approach has garnered him a burgeoning and loyal fanbase who, drawn by his unique voice, insightful lyricism and devotion to music, have enjoyed 15 full length albums over the course of his short career.

Recording often times into a single microphone in an effort to capture the very first rendition of every song, Luke has found a recording style outside the norm, that allows him to release sometimes as many as 4 albums in a single year.

Of those records, there are those which are most notable and those which served to move a feeling aside but of Luke De-Sciscio there can be no denying; when he is in the pocket, the World stops to listen.

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