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Luke De-Sciscio's 4th album of 2023 was written and recorded over the course of a mere 3 days.


Mercurial, poetic and at times, achingly tortured. Heaven drips like honey down the wall of an asbestos cave. The 9 songs coil into a single revelatory pass, through devotional crooning in the realms of Chris Isaak up the spirited abandon of Van Morrison and into the bliss-like pool where Jeff Buckley, Emma Ruth Rundle and Chelsea Wolfe lure Jason Molina to a watery-grave.


Pure, unfettered and fearless. Heaven is an album which stands out from his catalogue as a sensual, at times stark, but forever doubtless rendezvous with the unflinching spirits of creation.


Heaven is available on 12" black vinyl as a collabortation between Folk Boy Records and Vinyl Moon, Note: all copies purchased through the Folk Boy Records store will be signed by the artist


Luke De-Sciscio - Heaven (Black Vinyl)

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