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Between 2019 and 2020 Luke De-Sciscio released 3 full length albums establishing himself as one of the UK's most exciting song-writers.


The first of these was Good Bye Folk Boy which would go on to propel him to perform across Europe and the United States, selling out vinyl in both territories and shows across the World.


Stripped back completely to a collection of single take vistas, Good Bye Folk Boy is a deeply disarming window into a bedroom whilst a couple seek to reclaim their love in the aftermath of betrayal.


Eucharist shimmers as the ghostly interlude on this journey. Seeking to find context for and self and language in the light of dissolution, making an attempt to understand love beyond the version it had lost.


And Sublime becomes the conclusion, the recognition that if who I am is lost then who I can be is anything. A deeply reverant and deceptively joyful spark of gold that serves as the euphoric redemption across this naturally evolving and poetically profound trilogy.


The Folk Boy Trilogy Boxset is available on triple CD via Folk Boy Records, Note: All copies purchased through the Folk Boy Records store will be signed by the artist

Luke De-Sciscio - Folk Boy Trilogy CD Box Set

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