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London based songwriter WORRYWORRY was signed to the same big-label as international mega-star Sam Smith but in his heart knew this wasn't the path for him. Over the last few year's WORRY has honed his sound and taken control of his art. An independent artist, fully embracing the scope of his creative potential. 


Folk Boy Records is honoured to represent this incredibly talented artist at this changing juncture in his life. Proudly standing before an album of self-penned, completely self-produced and utterly selfless original songs.


Leaning into the folk pedigree which influenced his love of music, WORRYWORRY dresses every melody in his, at times, utterly gut wrenching voice. Exploring love, moving on and finding peace in the chaos through his relationship with music.


Songs such as BETTER and TURN THE OTHER WAY soar with an elegance and refinement that pre-destines them for radio whilst the pastoral BALLYGOWAN is a tune so timeless you'll feel it in your soul, inevitably questioning how it could only have been written now. 


WORRIED ABOUT WORRYING will release via Folk Boy Records on January 5th 2024

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